Southern California
Kendo Federation


Southern California Kendo Championships
Sunday 6/24/18
Wilson Park, Torrance

  • application form (xlsx), deadline 6/4/18
  • court duty (xlsx)
  • tournament brackets (xlsx)
  • results

  • Wilson Park map and directions

  • important notes:
    • sign in will close at 8:30am for all divisions,
    • shinai weigh in for championship competitors will be conducted from 7:30 to 8:30am

  • toban (all dojo volunteers please arrive by 7:30am)
    • set up/clean up: NOR, TOR, VEN, ALH
    • refreshments: NOR, LH
    • donation table: VEN
    • trophies: COV

  • tournament divisions
    • non-championship divisions
      • kyu divisions
        • 10 and under
        • 11-13
        • 14-15
        • 16-17
        • 18 and over
      • women's divisions
        • women's kyu (15 and under)
        • women's kyu (16 and over)
        • women's dan (may also enter individual championship)
      • senior dan, 50 and over (may also enter individual championship)
    • individual championship
      • yudansha only
      • must have been a member of SCKF for the 12 months prior to the Championship
      • shinai weight check will be conducted
    • note: team championship is in the fall

  • tournament regulations
    • see SCKF Tournament Rules and Regulations for full regulations
      • section 4.b.iii: Limitation of valid points
        1. Tsuki shall not be considered as a valid point for kyu groups.
        2. Kyu groups shall not use any kamae position except the standard chudan kamae. Any point attempted from other kamae positions shall not be considered valid.
        3. Kyu groups shall not use the nito form.
      • as usual, hidari do will be considered a valid point in all divisions (kyu and yudansha)
      • participants are responsible for their own set of mejirushi; SCKF will not be responsible for any loss or damage
    • time limits for this tournament
      • kyu: 3 min, 2 min extension, hantei (except semifinal and final)
      • senior and women's dan: 4 min, 2 min ext, hantei (except semifinal and final)
      • individual championship: 5 min, unlimited extension
    • initial round will be seeding matches

  • tournament fees
    • kyu (17 and under): $15
    • kyu (18 and over): $20
    • yudansha: $20
    • bento: $10

  • thank you to our sponsors
    • Kubota Nikkei Mortuary: first place trophies
    • Mazkiya: first place gift certificates
    • Kendo Style: first place gift certificates

  • results
    FS=kantosho (best 8)

    10 & under
    1st: Shiono Audrey (CM)
    2nd: Kawano Christian (TOR)
    3rd: LeFevre Koji (CM)
    3rd: Elliot Rui (TOR)
    FS: Kanemoto Sora (ALH)
    FS: Miyashiro Kotomi (VEN)
    FS: Elliot Rei (TOR)
    FS: Hayashi Shogo (STYO)

    Girls kyu
    1st: Chen Daphne (GED)
    2nd: Romero Myla (IS)
    3rd: Saito Kanon (VEN)
    3rd: Lee Terra (ANC)

    Adult kyu
    1st: Jo Samuel (CHUO)
    2nd: Kim Chang Kyun (TOR)
    3rd: Sambo Angel (SDKB)
    3rd: Nguyen Viet (SDKB)
    FS: Shih Ben (IS)
    FS: Ruiz Abraham (IS)
    FS: Lim Myung (IS)
    FS: Cheng Benson (ALH)

    11 to 13
    1st: Huh Jacob (CHUO)
    2nd: Kim Ennio (GED)
    3rd: Nagai Erin (GED)
    3rd: Shiono Taisho (CM)
    FS: Roh Demian (LHB)
    FS: Kusayanagi K (GED)
    FS: Tung Connor (IS)
    FS: Ito Kotaro (CM)

    Women's kyu
    1st: Hayashi Kysa (GED)
    2nd: Hayashi Minami (GED)
    3rd: Ruivivar Jazel (SDKB)
    3rd: Wu Josephine (COV)

    1st: Yang James (CM)
    2nd: Yoon Young (SDKB)
    3rd: Iwasaki Tetsuya (TOR)
    3rd: Kim Steven (CHUO)

    14 to 17
    1st: Nam Dave (TOR)
    2nd: Chen Ahmik (GED)
    3rd: Kang Andrew (CHUO)
    3rd: Choi Jeffrey (TOR)

    Women's dan
    1st: Lin Christina (COV)
    2nd: Liu Kay (STYO)
    3rd: Dong Allyson (CM)
    3rd: Tada Hitomi (STYO)

    Yudansha Championships
    1st: Imai Hideki (STYO)
    2nd: Itokazu Fumihide (COV)
    3rd: Williams Julian (TOR)
    3rd: Shinada Shuntaro (ALH)
    FS: Sugiyama Mashu (TOR)
    FS: Brown Jason (TOR)
    FS: Shigematsu Shun (TOR)
    FS: Kwak Sang (LHB)

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