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SCKF 2018 Federation Dues

Please read all information below on how to pay federation dues.

  • instructions for yearly membership submitted in March
  • instructions for membership dues submitted after 3/21/18 ("supplemental")

  • notes on payment
    • see fees page for SCKF and AUSKF membership fees
    • payment for your dojo should be submitted in one check written to Southern California Kendo Federation
    • hand your check to Kevin Abe, or mail it to:
      Kevin Abe, 117 E Victoria Ave, Montebello CA 90640
    • the deadline for March dues is 3/21/18

  • dues spreadsheet files (xlsx) will be handled in google drive (not by email). Each dojo has its own private area in SCKF's google account.
    • files handed out by SCKF to the dojo will be in the "from_sckf" folder
    • files submitted by the dojo to SCKF will be in the "to_sckf" folder

  • instructions for yearly membership submitted in March
    note: below "doj" is used for example purposes; your file will have your own dojo's abbreviation, eg "nor" for Norwalk Dojo
    • copy the file "doj_180301_memb.xlsx" from the "from_sckf" folder to the "to_sckf" folder
    • rename it to "doj_180321_memb.xlsx"
      (for example "nor_180321_memb.xlsx")
    • edit it as follows
      • for non-returning members, leave row as is (do not delete or move)
      • add members who were not registered at your dojo in 2017 at the bottom, including auskf id number if they have one
      • for all returning members and new members
        • please make sure the last name and first name are as the kenshi would wish to see on their menjo
        • enter "4/1/2018" in column B to register a member, adding "Y" in column G if full-time student.
        • the appropriate columns and dollar amounts will autofill, including an initiation fee for kenshi who do not already have an auskf id number
      • if you make any corrections (eg name spelling or birthdate), please highlight it in green and add a note in the "Comment" column
      • for any question-marked fields, please provide more information (eg birthdate or menjo)
      • do not add your own formulas, columns, formatting, font, etc
        note: the spreadsheet is protected to allow the autofill (orange) cells to function properly
    • for each kenshi new to SCKF or who has not yet signed an AUSKF release of liability form
      • collect a signed form and keep it as part of your dojo's records
    • upload any new member menjo files to the "to_sckf" folder with file name "doj_180321_lastname_firstname.ext"
      (for example "nor_180321_doe_john.pdf" or "nor_180321_doe_john.jpg" for Norwalk Dojo new member John Doe's menjo)
    • after saving the file(s) to the "to_sckf" folder
      • send an email to the treasurer (Kevin Abe) and database chair (Jean Kodama) including any relevant notes, such as corrections, menjo files that have been uploaded, menjo translation if not in English, etc.
      • send a dues check payable to "Southern California Kendo Federation" to the treasurer (see top of this page)
    • update 3/29/18: see the "from_sckf/doj_180321_memb.xlsx" file for the version of your dojo's membership that was submitted to AUSKF. Please look it over carefully. If it differs from your submission, it could be due to one of the following reasons:
      • an AUSKF ID number was not found (or found) for your member, requiring (or not requiring) a $10 initiation fee to AUSKF
      • rank information was found or corrected for your member
      • other dojo or federation information was found for your member and marked as a transfer
      • you submitted an improper form that did not use protected autofill fields for calculating membership fees

  • instructions for membership dues submitted after 3/21/18
    • download a copy of the "supplemental_sckf.xlsx" file
    • rename it to "doj_yymmdd_memb.xlsx", where yymmdd is the year, month, and date of submission, ie the date you will send notification email to the treasurer and database chair
      (for example "nor_180615_memb.xlsx" for Norwalk Dojo update sent June 15, 2018)
    • follow the March dues notes above to:
      • add members to the xlsx file (enter mm/dd/yy in the "registration day" column)
      • collect release of liability forms
      • upload menjo files
      • upload the doj_yymmdd_memb.xlsx file
      • email the treasurer and database chair
      • send dues payment to the treasurer
    • if you have informational changes for a currently registered member (eg name correction, dojo transfer):
      • add a complete row for the member, but leave the "registration date" cell blank (so no fees will be calculated)
      • edit the affected cell(s) as appropriate and highlight the cell(s) in light green
      • add a note in the comment cell on the right-hand side (eg fix birthdate, transfer from xxx dojo, etc)
      • mention the changes in the email to treasurer/database chair
      • if the new member is a paid member of another federation but transferring to your dojo, also note and pay SCKF dues (include their auskf id number to allow confirmation that their auskf membership is current)
    • be sure to submit membership fees within one month of receiving them from your new members

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