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Monthly Shido Geiko Proposal

Proposal to hold a monthly keiko as described below. The first two practices are 7/22/18 and 8/26/18 (see below); further practices are tbd pending Board approval of the program.

  1. goals
    • improve members' kendo basics to increase their enjoyment and longevity in the art
    • provide the opportunity for regular keiko with high ranking sensei
    • prepare our members for shinsa, including how to test and what shinsa-in are looking for
    • hold keiko at times and places that will allow more people to participate
  2. proposal
    • 2-hour keiko generally held on Sundays, but could be Saturday
    • start time between 10am and 3pm, to allow travel time for distant kenshi
    • hosted by volunteer dojos, as a service to SCKF and as a service to their own members
    • host dojo selects day and time, depending on their members' and facility schedules
    • participants: 1dan and above, except all members of the hosting dojo may attend regardless of rank (as an incentive to host)
    • attendance will be recorded
  3. budget proposal
    • facility $150-250 (for 3 hours)
      • must accommodate keiko and parking for 50+ kenshi
      • if additional funding is needed, use Otsuka Fund grant process?
    • refreshments $50 (mainly water/drinks)
    • bento for 7dan sensei $100 (light meal for 10 sensei)
  4. first two keiko
    • 7/22/18 Norwalk Dojo 10am-noon
    • 8/26/18 Covina Dojo 11:30am-1:30pm
Other thoughts and concerns
  • practice menu thoughts
    • sign in
    • brief lesson taught by rotating sensei
    • brief mawari geiko to warm up
    • shido geiko: 7dan sensei as motodachi, kakarite wear rank color code on tare, motodachi tailors keiko and feedback
    • tachiai keiko
    • mogi shinsa: one group per keiko (could be multiple courts), all participants hear feedback
    • other?
  • host dojo
    • provide water/drinks (reimbursed by federation)
    • sign in duty (administer attendance sheets and rank markers)
    • optionally donate other refreshments
    • optionally host a meal or refreshments after keiko: BYOL (bring your own lunch), manage take-out orders, etc
    • other?
  • concerns
    • how to keep attendance at a high level (attendance at godo geiko has already fallen)
    • adds another regular keiko (already have monthly godo geiko before the SCKF BoD meething and monthly SCKF youth keiko)
    • need all head instructors and high level sensei to attend (big ongoing problem at current practices and events)
  • additional thoughts
    • set attendance requirements to be eligible to test for 4dan and above? (once every 6 months?)
    • set attendance requirements for dojo instructors and advisors to avoid probation? (once every 6 months?)
    • reimburse mileage for 7dan sensei? $0.20/mile nonprofit rate
  • monthly godo geiko
    • is currently held before the SCKF Board meeting, each dojo takes turns hosting
    • should shido-geiko replace or exist in parallel with godo geiko?

- 5/09/18: initial creation
- 5/12/18: update after May meeting discussion
- 6/06/18: update before June meeting
- 7/02/18: update after July 1st 7dan meeting
- 7/18/18: update after Jul meeting
- 7/25/18: update after 1st keiko
- 8/11/18: budget approved by SCKF BoD, adding bento (see new shidogeiko page)

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