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SCKF Shido Geiko

SCKF is conducting monthly practices geared towards our yudansha kenshi. See more notes below.

  • Practice schedule:

    Date Place Day,Time Notes
    07/22/18 Norwalk Dojo Sun, 10am-12pm
    08/26/18 Covina Dojo Sun, 11:30am-1:30pm  
    09/09/18 Inland Empire (Upland) Sun, 3pm-5pm  
    10/14/18 Covina Dojo Sun, 11:30am-1:30pm  
    11/04/18 OCB Dojo Sun, 2:30pm-4:30pm  
    12/02/18 Norwalk Dojo Sun, 10am-12pm


    1. Host dojo needed. Host may select start time (between 10am to 3pm inclusive) and day (Saturday or Sunday). Preferred weekend is listed under "Date" and alternative weekends are listed in "[ ]". Refer to 2018 calendar for potential event conflicts. Facilities hosting and toban duties (see notes below) may be split between multiple dojos.

  • Shido geiko goals
    • improve members' kendo basics to increase their enjoyment and longevity in the art
    • provide the opportunity for regular keiko with high ranking sensei
    • prepare our members for shinsa, including how to test and what shinsa-in are looking for
    • hold keiko at times and places that will allow more people to participate
  • General notes
    • 2-hour keiko generally held on Sundays, but could be Saturday
    • facility should accommodate keiko and parking for 50+ sensei and kenshi
    • start time between 10am and 3pm, to allow travel time for distant kenshi
    • hosted by volunteer dojos, as a service to SCKF as well as their own members
    • host dojo selects day and time, depending on their members' and facility schedules; see also toban notes below
    • participants: 1dan and above
      kyu members of hosting dojo may attend (as an incentive to host)
    • yudansha attendance will be recorded (see attendance record)
    • colored rank band on tare:
      6D=red, 5D=orange, 4D=yellow, 3D=blue (tape), 2D=green, 1D=white, kyu=none
  • Budget
    • facility $150-250 (for 3 hours)
    • refreshments $50 (mainly water/drinks)
    • light meal for 7dan/motodachi sensei $100
      note: plan for ten motodachi (ideally all 7dan sensei, but if not sufficient then 6dan and even 5dan may be asked to help out)
    • follow the SCKF reimbursement procedure to get reimbursed (receipts required)
  • Toban duties:
    • Sign in table: conduct sign in and distribute rank tags
    • Warm up leader (for junbi undo)
    • Timekeeper(s): for mawari geiko and mogi shinsa
    • Chairs, small tables, paper/pen, tape for mogi shinsa
    • Water for kenshi (reimbursed by SCKF)
    • Bento or light meal for motodachi sensei (reimbursed by SCKF, see budget notes above)
    • Optional: light snacks, organize bento order for kenshi

  • Shido geiko time formula
    #min = #kenshi/#motodachi)*16 // for at least 4 turns @4min
      min  ratio   6   7   8   9  10  11  12 (#motodachi)
      48    3:1   18  21  24  27  30  33  36
      64    4:1   24  28  32  36  40  44  48
      80    5:1   30  35  40  45  50  55  60 


  • 8/11/18: budget approved by SCKF BoD (see proposal)
  • 08/23/18: page creation (note: dates/hosts will be added as available)
  • 08/25/18: add link to attendance record
  • 09/06/18: update host duties
  • 10/13/18: add jan-jul'19 preferred dates
  • 10/31/18: add reimbursement link, shido geiko time formula
  • 12/01/18: BoD approved thru Dec'2019; no keiko Jan,Apr,Jul,Nov
  • 03/21/19: change may pref date to 5/19 (vs mother's day 5/12)
  • 04/05/19: change may pref date to Sat 5/11
  • 06/05/19: separate 2019 items to new file

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