Southern California
Kendo Federation


Second SCKF Open Memorial Tournament
Sunday, 1/20/19, 9am
Wilson Park, Torrance CA

Starting in 2016, SCKF will host a Memorial Tournament every three years, in the year following the Mori Hai Tournament and preceding the Kubota Memorial Tournament. All dojo in the AUSKF are invited to participate.

Tournament information

Tournament notes

  • sign-in 8:00am
    note: sign in will be closed at 8:30am for all divisions
  • court duty: pdf

  • divisions (see application form for details)
    note: a kenshi can only participate in one division
    • 0-6 kyu
    • 5-4 kyu
    • 3-1 kyu (17 and under)
    • girl's kyu (17 and under)
    • adult kyu (18 years and older)
    • women's dan
    • 1-3 dan
    • 4 dan and above
    • senior dan (50 years and older)
  • tournament fees
    • 17 and under: $15
    • 18 and over: $20
    • yudansha: $20
    • bento: $10 (free to shinpan)

  • tournament regulations
    • see SCKF Tournament Rules and Regulations for full regulations
      • section 4.b.iii: Limitation of valid points
        1. Tsuki shall not be considered as a valid point for kyu groups.
        2. Kyu groups shall not use any kamae position except the standard chudan kamae. Any point attempted from other kamae positions shall not be considered valid.
        3. Kyu groups shall not use the nito form.
      • hidari do is a valid point in all divisions (kyu and yudansha)
      • participants are responsible for their own set of mejirushi; SCKF will not be responsible for any loss or damage
    • time limits
      • kyu: 3 min, 2 min extension, hantei (except semifinal and final)
      • dan: 4 min, 2 min extension, hantei (except semifinal and final)

  • perpetual trophies
    • Murakami Cup
      • donated by Industry Sheriffs Kendo Dojo
      • playoff between winners of 0-6 kyu, 5-4 kyu, 3-1 kyu, and girls kyu divisions
      • time limit: 3 min, unlimited extension
    • Yamaguchi Cup
      • donated by Costa Mesa Kendo Dojo, Covina Kendo Dojo, and Norwalk Kendo Dojo
      • playoff between winners of women's dan, senior dan, 1-3 dan, and 4 dan and above divisions
      • time limit: 4 min, unlimited extension

  • toban
    • set up: GED, IRV, LHB, TOR (7am, minimum 3 volunteers per dojo)
    • refreshments: IE and WS
    • donations: COV

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