Southern California
Kendo Federation


FIK Shinpan Seminar
Dallas TX

  • invitation
    • sent to AUSKF member federation presidents
    • includes info on seminar, fees, hotel, etc
    • see AUSKF news post
    • FIK instructors are Kazuo Furukawa sensei, Masahiro Inadomi sensei, and Toshiya Ishida sensei
  • applicant requirements
    • member of FIK organization
    • intended for kendo 5dan or above (4dan allowed)
    • must be regularly practicing
    • no age limitation
    • dress in keikogi, hakama, tare
    • bring shinpanki, mejirushi, bogu, shinai, and FIK referee handbook
  • application form (excel)
    • email application to Jean Kodama (please send xls file, not pdf)
    • deadline 11/29/18
    • if you sign up for the banquet ($60), bring your check, payable to Southern California Kendo Federation, to the 12/1/18 BoD meeting
    • if you would like to find someone to share a room, contact Susan Zau who has volunteered to coordinate requests
  • registration notes
    • Fri 1/25 3-6pm in Double Tree Hotel lobby
    • Sat 1/26 8am in gym (Fri registration is recommended)
    • you will receive your zekken # seal and banquet ticket
    • please pay the lunch fee in exact cash ($12.25 tax included) when registering

  • SCKF attendees (all are attending lunch and banquet)
      name              rank
      ----------------  ---- 
      Arima Kazuharu    7DK
      Yuge Tim          7DK
      Yang Chris        7DK
      Harada Brandon    7DK
      Kodama Jean       6DR
      Shikai Yuriko     6DR
      Anderson Emi      6DR
      Shinada Shuntaro  6DR
      Yang Daniel       6D
      Zau Susan         5D
      Zembayashi Takaya 5D
      Steele Arashi     5D
      Vahl James        5D
      Williams Julian   4D
      Kim Esther        2D
      Maekawa Sakiko    2D
      Tada Kasey        2D

  • All Japan High School Kaiseki Tournament tryouts will be held after the seminar concludes

    Congratulations to Nakayama Noah (ISKD)! He is one of the 5 kenshi selected. See above link for the complete list.

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