Southern California
Kendo Federation


Iaido Shinkyu Shinsa
Sunday 10/27/19, 10am
Hillview Middle School, Whittier

  • application forms will be available soon, and will be due 10/20

  • shinsa location: Hillview Middle School (see info and map)

  • sign in closes at 9:45am
    • no late applicants allowed!
    • 1kyu and above applicants will need to turn in your completed written tests at sign-in

  • see below for more information on the shinsa

  • tentative schedule
    • 9:00am: gym opens
    • 9:15pm: start sign in, post testing details
      • you must be dressed in uwagi and hakama when you sign in
      • a label with your participant number will be applied over your nafuda
      • those testing for 1kyu and above must turn in completed written tests at sign-in (see written test notes)
      • plan to arrive early so you can complete sign-in well before it closes
      • follow the directions of the sign in team for when and where warm ups will be allowed
      • applicants requesting 6kyu and 5kyu test at the dojo, not at the shinsa
    • 9:45am: sign-in closes
      • if you are late you will not be able to participate in the shinsa, plus there will be an additional fee
    • 10:00am: opening rei and remarks, start shinsa
    • 10:30am: end shinsa

  • shinsa fees for SCKF participants
    • $20 kyu
    • $30 1dan

    SCKF also charges a $20 "no show" (failure to participate) fee that will be assessed to the dojo if their kenshi signed up but is unable to participate in the shinsa (includes cancellation less than 7 days prior to the shinsa, as well as missing sign in).

  • application package submission notes
    • for SCKF dojo representatives:
      • fill out the application form and have it signed by your dojo head instructor or, at the head instructor's option, by the dojo iaido instructor
      • scan it and upload it to your dojo's "to_sckf" google drive folder with the name doj_191027_iai.pdf, where "doj" is your dojo's abbreviation
      • email Jean Kodama when the file has been uploaded
      • mail or otherwise arrange to deliver your check so it is received by the application deadline to: Jean Kodama, 12909 Glenda St, Cerritos CA 90703
    • for non-SCKF applicants: scan the signed application form and the signed AUSKF form. Email both forms and mail your check so all are received by the application deadline (see contact information above).

  • menjo (rank certificates)
    • a menjo printing request will be sent to AUSKF shortly after the shinsa
      • menjo will be printed with names as they appear in the database
      • note that AUSKF now only offers English menjo
    • shinsa results and menjo fees will be sent to each dojo shortly after the shinsa
      • make check payable to Southern California Kendo Federation (not abbreviated "SCKF").
      • mail or otherwise arrange to deliver your check to Jean Kodama within one week of the shinsa

  • misc notes

    • written test notes
      • written tests are required for everyone requesting 1kyu and above; email Jean Kodama if you need a copy
      • must be turned in at sign-in time
      • must include name, requested rank, and dojo
      • must be submitted in English only

    • sample evaluation form

    • budget proposal to SCKF BoD
      $100  facility
        20  supplies
        30  refreshments for shinsa-in and volunteers
      $150  total 

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