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2019 Team SCKF Training

SCKF is conducting monthly practices to prepare for the AUSKF Kendo Championships to be held in 2020 in the Detroit area (exact details still tbd). All aspiring kenshi are encouraged to participate! Also see AUSKF announcements.

Practice schedule:

date      place          day,time           toban   notes
--------  -------------  -----------------  ------  ----------------------------
pre-Aug                                             was SCKF Youth Training
08/18/19  Norwalk Dojo   Sun, 8:30-11:30am  CM      
09/22/19     "            "    "     "      COV
10/13/19     "            "   8:00   "      CHUO
11/03/19     "            "    "     "      NOR
12/01/19     "            "    "     "      IRV/LHB
--------  -------------  -----------------  ------  ----------------------------
Toban notes:
  1. gatorade: sixteen 1-gal bottles (orange and lemon-lime)
  2. drinking water: eight 1-gal bottles
  3. 16oz drinking cups: 100
  4. ice: one 20-lb bag
  5. snacks: optional donation by each toban dojo will be greatly appreciated.
    Suggestions include donuts, cookies, fruits, coffee.
  6. toban dojo: save all receipts; see reimbursement procedure. Also, please let the next dojo know the ending inventory.
  7. at Norwalk Dojo
    • one table from classroom #3 for refreshments; clean and return when practice is over
    • empty the trashcans (gym, changing rooms, kitchen, hallways, and outside the main entrance) to the back dumpster
    • empty and dry the coolers before putting them back in the storeroom
    • classrooms #2 and #3 are reserved for use by the hula class, which is allowing us their use of the gym. In return, we will open the divider partitions and stack the tables and chairs against the wall, and restore the classrooms when done.
    • all non-Norwalk kenshi and sensei who participate in any practice at Norwalk Dojo are required by the Center to sign a guest liability release form (updated Sep'17)

T-shirt fundraiser
  • see flyer and order form
  • announcement letter 9/28/19

    Dear Dojo Reps,

    In preparation of Team SCKF for 2020 AUSKF Nationals, SCKF is holding a T-Shirt Fundraiser. Please see the attached order form and flyer.

    Cost is $20 each. Adult (S-XXL) and Youth (YS-YL) Sizes are available.

    All orders will be through each dojo. Order forms are due Sunday, Oct 13, 2019 Please send the complete order form to Allyson Dong at

    All check payments should be submitted at the next board meeting to Kinno-sensei on October 12, 2019. Please coordinate with Kinno-sensei if you cannot make your payment at the board meeting that night.

    Samples of the shirts will be on display at the Onigiri/Bake Sale Booth this Sunday, September 29 at the SCKF Team Championships.

    Any questions regarding the t-shirts please contact Allyson Dong.

    Please help support Team SCKF! Any help is appreciated.

    Kevin Tadasu Abe
    Team SCKF Manager

  • t-shirts were delivered at the 12/1/19 team practice

Team SCKF Elimination Tournament 11/17/19
  • Team SCKF Application Form (xlsx)
    Due Date: 9/21/2019, Saturday
    Tryout Date: 11/17/2019, Sunday

  • announcements

    • 8/20/19

      Dear Dojo Reps,

      Next year, SCKF will be sending our top kenshi to the 2020 AUSKF Championships in Detroit. Attached is the Team SCKF Application Form. Please fill out ALL fields for interested participants including AUSKF ID and email address. Minors will need to provide one of their parent's email address along with their name.

      The cost is $25 per participant. The cost will populate once you enter the name. Also at the bottom of the form, fill out the number of bentos your dojo would like to order. Shinpans will get a free bento but it will be $10 each for everybody else. The total amount owed will be calculated for you.

      Please send a check postmarked by 9/21/19 to:
      Southern California Kendo Federation, 2619 Mary Street, La Crescenta CA 91214

      In addition, upload this completed file to the Google Drive/to_sckf folder just like the membership file. Do not email the file for security reasons (birthdates are included). Please make sure to let anybody that might be interested know and submit this file by 9/21/19. LATE APPS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. The location is TBD depending on how many applicants we receive.

      Finally, please encourage your senseis to participate as shinpans. There will probably be at least 20 senseis that will not do shinpan since they will either be participating or will be coaches, and we would like to make this tryout as fair as we definitely need the support of some high level shinpans!

      GO TEAM SCKF!!!

      Kevin Tadasu Abe
      Team SCKF Manager

    • 10/17/19

      Dear Dojo Reps,

      Re: Team SCKF Tryouts - 11/17/19 @ Silverado Park, Long Beach

      We need volunteers for this upcoming tryouts next month. WE WILL PROVIDE FREE BENTO FOR ALL QUALIFIED VOLUNTEERS! To qualify, simply email me the name(s) of the volunteers by the end of this month October 31, 2019. To make it easier, you don't have to provide one list....just email me the name(s) when confirmed.

      Please help support Team SCKF!

      Kevin Tadasu Abe
      Team SCKF Manager

    • 11/9/19

      Dear Dojo Reps,

      Please relay this information to all shinpans, volunteers and participants who will be at the Team SCKF Eliminations on 11/17/19 @ Silverado Park in Long Beach. Attached are:

      Here's the schedule summary:

      7:30am    Volunteers meet at gym to set up
      8:00am    Sign In starts
      8:15am    Finish setup and warm up starts
      8:30am    Sign In deadline
      8:35am    Warmup ends
      8:45am    Shinpan meeting and volunteer meeting
      9:00am    Line up - Opening remarks and rules and regulations
      9:10am    Eliminations - mens, womens senior and mudansha
      11:30am   Lunch break
      12:00pm   Eliminations - jr boys, jr girls, sr boys
      3:00 pm   Line up - Announce team and closing remarks 
      Also at the January 5, 2020 Team SCKF practice, a manager's pick (1 and 2 for mens) will be announced for all divisions (except womens, seniors and senior girls since these teams are already decided). The manager's pick will based on the following criteria:
      • tryout results
      • tryout performance
      • sckf practice attendance
      • 12/1/19 and 1/5/20 (if necessary) sckf practice performance
      • coach's input for performance pre-tryouts
      • See you there and good luck to all!

      Kevin Tadasu Abe
      Team SCKF Manager

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