Southern California
Kendo Federation


20192020 Team SCKF Training

SCKF is conducting monthly practices to prepare for the AUSKF Kendo Championships to be held in 2020 in the Detroit area. All aspiring kenshi are encouraged to participate!

  • Practice schedule:
    date      place          day,time           toban   notes
    --------  -------------  -----------------  ------  ----------------------------
    08/18/19  Norwalk Dojo   Sun, 8:30-11:30am  CM      
    09/22/19     "            "                 COV
    10/13/19     "            "                 CHUO
    11/10/19     "            "                 NOR     one week before Team elims
    12/01/19     "            "                 IRV/LHB
    --------  -------------  -----------------  ------  ----------------------------

  • Toban:
    1. gatorade: sixteen 1-gal bottles (orange and lemon-lime)
    2. drinking water: eight 1-gal bottles
    3. 16oz drinking cups: 100
    4. ice: one 20-lb bag
    5. snacks: optional donation by each toban dojo will be greatly appreciated.
      Suggestions include donuts, cookies, fruits, coffee.
    6. toban dojo: save all receipts; see reimbursement procedure. Also, please let the next dojo know the ending inventory.
    7. at Norwalk Dojo
      • classroom #2/3
        • open classroom divider; close up when practice is over
        • use one table to set up for refreshments; clean and return when practice is over
      • empty the trashcans (gym, changing rooms, kitchen, hallways, and outside the main entrance) to the back dumpster
      • empty and dry the coolers before putting them back in the storeroom
      • classrooms #2 and #3 are reserved for use by the hula class, which is allowing us their use of the gym. In return, we will open the divider partitions and stack the tables and chairs against the wall, and restore the classrooms when done.
      • all non-Norwalk kenshi and sensei who participate in any practice at Norwalk Dojo are required by the Center to sign a /norwalk/archives/2019/center/nkd_sejscc_release.pdf guest liability release form (updated Sep'17)

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