Southern California
Kendo Federation


FIK Shinpan Seminar
Burnaby (Vancouver) Canada

  • FIK Shinpan Seminar
  • applicant requirements
    • member of FIK organization
    • intended for kendo 5dan or above (4dan allowed)
    • must be regularly practicing
    • no age limitation
    • dress in keikogi, hakama, tare
    • bring shinpanki, mejirushi, bogu, shinai, and FIK referee handbook
    • 50 $CAD application fee (seminar participation fee starting this year)
  • application form (xls)
    • email application to Kevin Abe (please send xls file, not pdf)
    • deadline 11/30/19

  • SCKF attendees
      name              rank
      ----------------  ---- 
      Yuge Tim          7DK
      Park Jae Wook     7DK
      Anderson Emi      7DR
      Shikai Yuriko     6DR
      Zembayashi Takaya 6D

  • Thank you to Shikai Yuriko sensei for providing the following information:
    • At the FIK Shinpan Seminar held in Burnaby, Canada on January 25-26, 2020, the All Japan Kendo Federation new regulations (effective April 2019) for shinai and dogu were announced. These new rules are proposed to FIK (International Kendo Federation), with the plan to make them effective by the time of the World Kendo Championships in Paris, France in 2021. Attached is a copy of the new rules, as well as my summary.
    • new AJKF regulations
    • summary

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