Southern California
Kendo Federation


SCKF Shinpan Seminar
Sun 2/23/20, 9am-4pm
El Rancho High School, Pico Rivera

  • online registration (google forms)
    • deadline is 2/17/20
    • PLEASE ENTER FOR EACH SENSEI (INCLUDING 7DAN) AND KENSHI PLANNING ON PARTICIPATING, indicating age, rank, and whether or not they want bento

  • place: El Rancho High School
    Salcido Auxiliary Gym
    (at Loch Alene Ave and Homebrook St, see map pushpin)

  • sign in closes at 8:45am sharp
    • bring one check per dojo for the bento fees ($10 per bento except for 7dan sensei who will be provided free bento)

  • summary
    • participants
      • 2dan and above
      • 1dan and below may attend as shiai-sha
      • 7dan please attend as instructors (bento will be provided)
      • dress in keikogi, hakama, tare
      • bring shinpanki, mejirushi, referee handbook, energetic attitude
      • bring kendo dogu and be prepared to do shiai
      • must attend the full day for credit towards promotion requirements (to test for 3dan and above, including kodansha and shogo ranks)
    • preparation


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