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2020 Online Practice Schedules

Below is some information on zoom and other online practice schedules for SCKF and various dojo.

Please contact each dojo for details and confirmation. Dojo not listed are unknown.
Dojo reps: please email updates for your dojo to

  • SCKF

    • contact your dojo representative for zoom ID and password

    • Youth Suburi Together, every 3rd Sun, 10-11am
      06/14/20 led by Noah (ISKD), Jeffrey (TOR), Myla (ISKD)
      07/05/20 led by Ahmik and Daphne (GED), Han (CHUO); wear a hat
      07/26/20 led by Grace and Jacob (CHUO), Taisho (CM); wear a sports jersey
      08/16/20 led by Andrew, Kanon and Hugo; wear sunglasses
      09/06/20 led by Chris, Corey, Arianna (ANC); wear red
      09/27/20 led by Dave (TOR), Han (CHUO) & Anna (ANC); Disney theme

    • Summer Suburi, Mon 7/26 through 8/31, 7:30-8:30pm
      07/26/20 led by Brandon Harada
      08/03/20 led by Spencer Hosokawa
      08/10/20 led by Danny Yang
      08/17/20 led by Shuntaro Shinada
      08/24/20 led by Kohjiro Kinno
      08/31/20 led by Kevin Huh (start time 7pm)

  • Alhambra Dojo
    Tue/Thu 5:30pm

  • Costa Mesa Dojo
    Mon/Wed 6:30-7pm (joint practice with Venice)

  • Covina Dojo
    Tue/Thu 7pm

  • Industry Sheriff's Dojo
    Wed/Fri 7:30-8:30pm

  • San Diego Kendo Bu
    Tue/Thu 7pm, Sat 12pm

  • Sho Tokyo Dojo
    Wed/Fri 6:30-7:30pm

  • Venice Kendo Club
    Mon/Wed 6:30-7pm (joint practice with Costa Mesa)

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