Southern California
Kendo Federation


SCKF Youth Exhibition/Practice
Sunday 9/26/21
Terasaki Budokan

  • invitation
  • application file
    • deadline 9/4/21
    • see file for safety rules and other details
  • schedule
    8:00am   sign-in
    8:30am   start practice
    12:30pm end practice
  • location: Terasaki Budokan
    249 S Los Angeles St, Los Angeles CA 90012

Practice invitation

SCKF is hosting a youth practice, in place of the SCKF Team Championships normally held on the last Sunday of September.

With the understanding most dojos are just or will soon be starting their journey to get back to "normal" Kendo life, this Youth Practice will not be difficult and will be filled with multiple breaks. As Abe Sensei stated in the past few board meetings, the main purpose of this event is to help the SCKF youth to continue to be motivated in Kendo after an extended break due to Covid-19.

The Youth Practice will be restricted to youths between 12 to 18 years of age (with full bogu) who are fully vaccinated. Also, the parents or anyone who wishes to watch the practice will require to be vaccinated. Proof of vaccination will be handled at the dojo level. Due to safety for everyone, anyone who attends unannounced may be turned away. There will NOT be any fee for this event, however, a donation will be greatly appreciated.

All other information is listed in the attached excel file. The due date is set for Saturday, September, 4th, 2021. If you have any question, feel free to contact

Update 9/22/21:
The Terasaki Budokan does have a parking structure but there will be a parking fee. We are not certain how much the fee will be but believe to be somewhere between $7 to $10. The parking structure will have a machine where you can pay your fee and leave the ticket on your dashboard. There are only 55 parking spaces in the structure so carpooling is highly recommended. From my understanding there will be another small group at the Budokan and the parking will be open to the public. There is also street parking in front of the facility.

We will have a sign up table set up, so please have everyone sign up at the table before entering the gym. A reminder that if you are not vaccinated we will need a negative test results 72 hours prior to the Youth Practice. Everyone who have signed up are vaccinated so I don't think there will be any issues.

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