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SCKF Seminar: Bokuto ni Yoru
Kendo Kihon Waza Keiko Ho
Sunday 10/17/21
Terasaki Budokan

  • application file
  • schedule
    9:00am   sign-in
    9:30am   start seminar
    11:30am end seminar

  • location: Terasaki Budokan
    249 S Los Angeles St, Los Angeles CA 90012
    Please see the link above for
    • map
    • samples of the waiver forms you will need to sign at the door (please read ahead of time)
    • parking information. Not sure the exact cost, perhaps $7-10 per day in the Budokan's lot, which has limited space.

  • what to bring: see below
(last updated 12/04/21)
Seminar Details

In place of the SCKF Fall Promotional Exam normally held on the third Sunday of October, SCKF is hosting a seminar on Bokuto ni Yoru Kendo Kihon Waza Keiko Ho (henceforth abbreviated as "kihon kata").

This seminar is intended to "train the trainers", meaning those who are tasked with teaching beginners at the dojo. We highly recommend 3dan and above; 1dan/2dan participants are also welcome. However, all must already know all nine kihon kata. We realize it may have been a year and a half since you were practicing kihon kata at the dojo; that's fine (though obviously please brush up before attending the seminar). We recommend this video.

All attendees must be fully vaccinated. It is each dojo's responsibility to verify their applicants' proof of vaccination, knowledge of kihon kata, and membership in SCKF/AUSKF.

Masks must be worn by all throughout the seminar. No drop ins allowed; those who show up without having signed up through their dojo will be turned away. To encourage active participation, we will not be allowing spectators at the event.

Please turn in your dojo's application file asap to Jean Kodama. The final deadline is 10/10/21, but we may cut applications off if too many sign up to safely accommodate in the facility. Conversely, the seminar may be canceled if too few sign up.

In 2019, AUSKF mandated that kihon kata be incorporated into regional federations' kyu shinsa starting in April 2020 (see announcement). The purpose is to encourage all dojo to incorporate kihon kata into regular practice. Had we not been shut down by COVID-19, kihon kata would have been part of our April shinsa last year.

This seminar is to train the instructors at your dojo so that your students will be prepared for our next shinsa, whenever that may be. Below is the expected criteria for shinsa (plus basic reiho):

  • 6kyu: kihon 1-2 (at the dojo)
  • 5kyu: kihon 1-4     "
  • 4kyu: kihon 1-6     "
  • 3kyu: kihon 1-9     "
  • 2kyu: kihon 1-9 (at the shinsa)

Participants please arrive already dressed in keikogi/hakama. Bring your own:

  • bokuto
  • tare with nafuda
  • face mask
  • water
  • note taking materials
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Thank you to all the seminar instructors and volunteers!
  • principal instructors
    Bill Kaneshiro (SFV)
    Jean Kodama (NOR)
  • assistant instructors
    Yoshijiro Kariya (NOR)
    Noriko Towata (SFV)
  • volunteers
    Masumi Sasaki (SFV)
    Eliza Ahn (SFV)

Sign up summary:
dojo number
ALH    1
CHUO   4
CM     5
COV    1
GED    4
IS     1
JCI    1
LOS    1
NOR    2
SD     6
SFV    4
STYO   6
TOR    6
----  --
13    42

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