Southern California
Kendo Federation


AUSKF Board Meeting and Kodansha Shinsa
Sat-Sun, 4/9-10/22, Atlanta GA

  • AUSKF Board meeting, Sat-Sun

  • AUSKF kodansha shinsa, Sunday
    • steps for SCKF applicants
      1. obtain SCKF approval to test
        1. 5-7dan applicants
        2. shogo (renshi or kyoshi) applicants
          • fill out the SCKF shogo application form (with the assistance of your dojo head instructor and dojo advisors)
          • email the completed form to Jean Kodama by Wed 3/9/22
            (the deadline is earlier to accommodate any iteration or improvements that may be required)
        3. SCKF will then handle:
          • approval by Shinsa Advisory Board (do NOT contact them yourself)
          • signature by SCKF president (the signed form will be emailed back to you)
      2. apply to and pay AUSKF to participate in the shinsa
        • see AUSKF shinsa packet for shinsa details, including:
          • link to AUSKF's online application form, which includes submitting the following:
            • the signed approval obtained in step 1.c above
            • written test essay (see link in form)
          • COVID protocols
          • travel notes
        • AUSKF's shinsa application deadline is Fri 3/25/22
    • in addition to what's in the AUSKF packet, the following files were provided:

    • congratulations to the following SCKF sensei for passing their exams!
      • 5dan: Damian Williams (TOR)
      • 5dan: Julian Williams (TOR)
      • 5dan: Allyson Dong (CM)
      • 6dan: Han Soo Kim (TOR)
      • renshi: Daniel Yang (PCI)
      • kyoshi: Shuntaro Shinada (ALH)

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