Southern California
Kendo Federation


Nisei Week Kendo Tournament
Sunday, 5/1/22
Terasaki Budokan, Little Tokyo

  • application packet (xlsx)
    deadline: 4/9/22

  • location: Terasaki Budokan
    249 S Los Angeles St, Los Angeles CA 90012
    Please see the link above for
    • map
    • parking information. Not sure the exact cost, perhaps $7-10 per day in the Budokan's lot, which has limited space.

  • schedule, also see estimate (pdf) which includes courts
    • 8:00am: court set up
    • 8:00-8:30: sign in for competitors
    • 9:00am: shinpan meeting
    • 9:30am: opening ceremony

  • program (pdf)

  • brackets (pdf)

  • special notes

  • toban
    • set up: Industry, Sho Tokyo, Pasadena JCI, Gardena JCI, Westside
    • refreshment booth: Covina, Gedatsu
    • court duty (pdf)
      note: timer and scorekeeper duties are combined into one person, to minimize the number of people at the court table

  • results (pdf)

  • tournament divisions
    • kyu 10 years and under
    • kyu 11-13 years
    • kyu 14-15 years
    • women's kyu, 14 years and older
    • adult 0-4kyu (16 years and older)
    • adult 3-1kyu (16 years and older)
    • kyu team tournament
      • sempo: 10 and under
      • jiho: 13 and under
      • chuken: 15 and under
      • fukusho: 15 and over
      • taisho (captain): 15 and over
      note: all team members must be from your dojo

  • tournament regulations
    • individual matches: 3 minutes, 2 minutes extension, hantei (except semifinal and final)
    • team matches: 3 minutes, no extension
    • limitation of valid points (see SCKF tournament regulations)
      1. Tsuki shall not be considered as a valid point for Kyu groups.
      2. Kyu groups shall not use any kamae position except the standard chudan kamae; any point attempted from other kamae positions shall not be considered valid.
      3. Kyu groups shall not use the nito form.

  • tournament fees
    • entry fee: 15 and under $15, 16 and over $20
    • bento: $10

  • COVID-19 protocols and additional notes

    • Terasaki Budokan's Facility Protocol
      Per the vaccine mandate issued by LACDPH, we will require proof of vaccination OR a negative test result that was conducted within 72 hours prior to entry, along with photo identification, for anyone entering our indoor spaces at the facility.

      Masking is highly recommended, but no longer required at our facility. The renter may require masking during the rental if they choose.

      Each person coming to the facility is required to sign our Liability waiver forms.

      Our protocol is subject to change in accordance with updates from LACDPH.

      Note that SCKF will require masking by everyone in attendance.

    • For the negative test, please make sure the test kit or photo of the test has the date and name on it.

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