Southern California
Kendo Federation


SCKF Kata Seminar 2022
Sunday 7/17/22, 9am-4pm
El Rancho High School, Pico Rivera

The seminar will be led by Kato sensei, assisted by other 7dan sensei.

  • sign up online
    • see above form for details, including COVID-19 protocols
    • please make one pass through the form for each person attending, including 7dan sensei
    • deadline is 7/10/22
    • mask will be required for everyone at this event

  • place: El Rancho High School, Salcido Auxiliary Gym
    (at Loch Alene Ave and Homebrook St, see map pushpin)
    • sign in closes at 8:45am sharp

  • attendance is restricted to 2 dan and above who already know and can perform the basics of all 10 kata
  • all dojo head instructors and assistant instructors are encouraged to attend especially if any of your kenshi have ever failed kata at shinsa
  • bring the following:
    • bokuto set (tachi and kodachi)
    • keikogi and hakama
    • tare and nafuda
    • bento payment (if paying by check, make payable to Southern California Kendo Federation, one check per dojo)

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