Southern California
Kendo Federation


2022 Nikkei Games Budo Tournament (Kendo)
Sunday, 8/21/22

  • tournament divisions
    • individual divisions (only one division may be entered)
      • adult kyu
      • women's (any rank, 15 and older)
      • yudansha divisions
        • 1 dan
        • 2 dan
        • 3 dan
        • 4 dan and above
      • 3 minutes, 2 minute encho, hantei, except for semifinals and final
        • for yudansha placement rounds: 2 minutes, 1 minute encho
    • 4kyu-1kyu youth 3-person team
      • 17 and under
      • if only 2 people, they must be in "senpo" and "taisho" positions
      • mix teams are acceptable but two members in the team must be from the same dojo
      • a dojo may enter up to two teams
      • placement and tournament rounds: 3 minutes, no encho
      • ippon shobu daihyosen in case of tie

  • tournament regulations
    • see time limits above
    • adult kyu: no jodan, nito, or tsuki
    • no tsubazeriai (see AJKF video)

Messages from the SCKF Tournament Committee

  • This year Nikkei Games will not be at CSULB but will be at Cypress College.

    The tournament will have just individual divisions, mainly for yudansha except for Adult Kyu Division and Women's Division (any rank, 15 years and older). The reason being, we will most likely need to downgrade from 3 courts to 2 courts at this year's Nikkei Games. Will need to use this year's event to guide how we can move forward if we continue to have only 2 courts.

    We will need a lot of volunteers to help with responsibilities that the Kendo has for Nikkei Games on top of Kendo help. Also, please encourage your dojo 3 dan and above to volunteer for shinpan. After discussing with Abe sensei, due to complications we will not be taking bento orders for competitors and spectators at this event. We do apologize for the inconvenience.

  • Update 6/22/22

    We have decided to add one more new division in Nikkei Games:
    4kyu to 1kyu Youth three-person team.

    • age restrictions 17 and under
    • dojo may enter up to two teams.
    • mix team are acceptable but two members in the team must be from the same dojo.
    • must have 2 team members in one team. they must be filled in the "senpo" and "taisho" position

    We have extended the deadline to July 3rd.

  • Update 8/14/22

    There are over 140 competitors entered in the Nikkei Games. With the size of the gym we will only have two courts set up. With this set up I still do expect the Kendo's last match to end at 3:30pm. But I do need everyone's full support in order to make this happen.

    Couple of key things:

    1) Parking lot may be limited due the swap meet on the other side of the parking. Please park in parking lot 5. Lot 5 will be the closest lot to the gym. Also very important to park your car head in first. Please do not back your car in when you park. You will get a ticket from the parking enforcer. SCKF and NIKKEI GAMES will not be responsible for your parking ticket. Please see the map attached in this email.

    2) the gym will open at 6am for set up. Although kendo does not need that much time to set up but we do need to be there to set up the court first because both Karate and Judo will need to set their mats up after we set our court up. Basically they are using our court lines as guide to set up their areas. There are other areas that will need to be set up. For example lunch area for shinpans/volunteers, sign up area, etc. Volunteers please make the best effort to arrive on time so we can start on time. I have asked Inouye sensei, Dong Sensei, Asaki Sensei, and Linda Fu to help take the lead so we can have this event run as smoothly as possible.

    3) sign in will be at 8am to 8:30, maybe longer. at the front of the gym (grass area between the gym and the parking lot.

    4) As for lunch break, I have included 1 hour lunch break since we decided not to take bento orders for this tournament. There is a chance that we might make the lunch break shorter because Nikkei Games was able to get food trucks at the event from 11am to 4pm. Lunch break will be determined on the flow of the day.

    5) After the Kendo ends, everyone help clean. We will need to help the karate group to move the mats over to the kendo area in order to help them get out as soon as possible. They are estimated to end at 7pm or later.

    6) With the last minute change, we will need to do a short demo for kendo (originally jodo was going to be asked). I think the perfect amount of time for the demo would be the bokuto ni yoru kendo kihon kata. I like to ask the following dojos to ask their youths that are entered in the tournament to volunteer as a group to do the kata as a demo. List of dojos below has 21 years and under youths that are entered as competitors in this year's Nikkei Games. There should be roughly 30 youths that are entered.

    Please email me by Wednesday with a list of names that can do the Bokuto ni yoru demo for us. The bigger the group of kids doing the demo would be easier for them to do the demo vs just a few of them.

    See attachment for schedule estimate.

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