Southern California
Kendo Federation


2022 Nikkei Games Budo Tournament (Kendo)
Sunday, 8/21/22

  • application packet (xlsx)
    • deadline 7/3/22
    • be sure to list tshirt sizes for competitors and volunteers
    • note: application packet and deadline updated 6/22/22 to add 4k-1k youth team (see message at bottom of page)

  • location: Cypress College
    9200 Valley View St, Cypress CA 90630
    (not CSULB Pyramid)

  • fees
    • tournament fee: $30, all divisions
    • due to complications, no bento orders for competitors and spectators

  • see application packet for full details. Notes:
    • sign in 8-8:45am
    • see COVID-19 protocols in the application packet
    • mask will be required for everyone at this event

  • tournament divisions
    • individual divisions (only one division may be entered)
      • adult kyu
      • 1 dan
      • 2 dan
      • 3 dan
      • 4 dan and above
      • women's (any rank, 15 and older)
    • 4kyu-1kyu youth 3-person team
      • 17 and under
      • if only 2 people, they must be in "senpo" and "taisho" positions
      • mix teams are acceptable but two members in the team must be from the same dojo
      • a dojo may enter up to two teams

  • tournament regulations
    • individual matches: 4 minutes, 3min encho, hantei, except for semifinals and finals
    • adult kyu: no jodan, nito, or tsuki
    • no tsubazeriai (see AJKF video)

Messages from the SCKF Tournament Committee

  • This year Nikkei Games will not be at CSULB but will be at Cypress College.

    The tournament will have just individual divisions, mainly for yudansha except for Adult Kyu Division and Women's Division (any rank, 15 years and older). The reason being, we will most likely need to downgrade from 3 courts to 2 courts at this year's Nikkei Games. Will need to use this year's event to guide how we can move forward if we continue to have only 2 courts.

    We will need a lot of volunteers to help with responsibilities that the Kendo has for Nikkei Games on top of Kendo help. Also, please encourage your dojo 3 dan and above to volunteer for shinpan. After discussing with Abe sensei, due to complications we will not be taking bento orders for competitors and spectators at this event. We do apologize for the inconvenience.

  • Update 6/22/22

    We have decided to add one more new division in Nikkei Games:
    4kyu to 1kyu Youth three-person team.

    • age restrictions 17 and under
    • dojo may enter up to two teams.
    • mix team are acceptable but two members in the team must be from the same dojo.
    • must have 2 team members in one team. they must be filled in the "senpo" and "taisho" position

    We have extended the deadline to July 3rd.

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