Southern California
Kendo Federation


2022 All California Open Kendo Tournament
Sunday 9/4/22
Fresno CA

The Central California Kendo Federation is hosting the 2022 All California Open Kendo Tournament in Fresno, California, over Labor Day weekend.

Each dojo please submit the following;

See below for more details, including email announcements.
Tournament notes (see form)

  • Location: Fresno City College (FCC)
    1101 E University Ave, Fresno CA 93741
    Main Gym located on N College Ave
    see directions and map: pdf

  • Sat 9/3/22
    • open godo keiko
      • 4:30-5:30pm in the Fresno City College main gym
    • welcome party
      • $25 (sign up on the application form)
        $18 for 3-10 years old
      • 7pm at Mitsui Japanese Buffet Restaurant
        117 W Shaw Avenue, Clovis CA 93612

  • Sun 9/4/22: Tournament
    • Brackets
    • Gym open: 8am
      • registration 8-8:45am
      • SCKF to provide court duty for courts C and D
    • Shinpan info
      • shinpan meeting 8:30am
      • AJKF provisional rules for tsubazeriai: pdf, video
      • shinpan info: docx, pdf
    • Opening ceremonies: 9am
    • Divisions (ages are as of 9/4/22)
      • 10 and under kyu
      • 11-13 kyu
      • 14-17 kyu
      • Adult kyu (18 and over)
      • Women's (14 and over, kyu and dan)
      • 1dan - 3dan
      • 4dan and above
      • Senior (50 and over, any rank)
      • Super senior (65 and over, 4dan and above)
  • Fees
    • Entry Fee: $25
    • Bento: $15

Ad notes (see form)

     $200 Full Page     (7.5" x 9.75")
      100 Half Page     (7.5" x 5")
       50 Quarter Page  (3.75" x 5")
       25 Business Card (3.75" x 2") 

Email announcements
  • 7/6/22

    Please find the attached file regarding the All California Kendo Tournament held triannually in the beautiful city of Fresno on September 3-4th. 3rd being godo keiko/welcome party and tournament on the 4th.

    To give Abe sensei and I time to organize and submit the forms ontime to CCKF, the HARD deadline will be set on Sunday, July 24th, 2022.

    Highly recommend anyone who is planning to try out for team SCKF to attend this tournament.

    If there is any question, please contact me.

    Yuji Hosokawa

  • 7/7/22

    I am sending this email regarding the booklet advertising/donations separately because we will be collecting the advertising/donation forms and payments separately from the tournament apps/payments. Please refer to the tournament app from Hosokawa-sensei's email for where to send the apps/payments for the tournament.

    Please see the attached Program Booklet Advertising/Donation Form. This form should be emailed back to me along with any advertisement artwork by 7/24/22. Also, make checks payable to Southern California Kendo Federation and mail to the Treasurer by 7/24/22 (see details in the ad form).

    Kevin Tadasu Abe

  • 8/29/22

    I have some reminder information I would like to share with all of you since the tournament is coming up this weekend.

    • Saturday, September 3rd
      • Godo keiko will be at 4:30pm to 5:30pm at the Fresno City College main gym
      • For those who signed up for the Welcome Party, the party starts at 7pm at
        Mitsui Japanese Buffet Restaurant
        117 W. Shaw Avenue, Clovis, CA 93612
    • Sunday, September 4th
      • Registration for all competitors will be held in the foyer of the Fresno CIty College main gym from 8 to 8:30am
      • COVID-19 safety requirements
        1. Proof of being fully vaccinated or proof of negative test within 72 hours of 9/4/22, will be checked upon registration. If not competing, provide the same information at the time of entry into the FCC main gym
        2. Face covering to be worn by all competitors, volunteers, shinpans, and observers inside of the gym.
      • SCKF will be responsible for at east one court for court duty. We will need everyone's help (competitors, parents, non shinpans, etc) to help out with the court duties.

    Finally, the temperature in Fresno is supposed to be 112 degrees on Sunday. Please stay hydrated and avoid being in the sun as much as possible.

    Yuji Hosokawa

  • 9/1/22

    Please notify your dojo members that are planning to drive to Fresno for the All California Tournament that there is a wildfire near the Castaic Lake area that may be affecting the I-5 Freeway. Please monitor the situation and have a safe drive up.

    Yuji Hosokawa

  • 9/2/22

    The following have been received and linked in the sections above:

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