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2022-23 Team SCKF Training

SCKF is conducting monthly practices to prepare for the 2023 AUSKF Kendo Championships (location and dates still being confirmed). All aspiring kenshi are encouraged to participate!

Practice schedule: (also see SCKF tentative calendar)

date      place          day,time           toban   notes
--------  -------------  -----------------  ------  ---------------------------
10/02/22  Venice Dojo    Sun, 8-11:30am      VEN    youth practice
11/06/22     "            "    "     "       tbd      "
12/04/22  El Rancho HS   Sun, 8am-12pm        "       "
01/08/23  Norwalk Dojo    "    "     "        "     first Team SCKF practice
02/05/23     "            "    "     "        "
03/05/23     "            "    "     "        "
04/02/23     "            "    "     "        "
04/23/23     "            "    "     "        "
05/07/23     "            "    "     "        "
05/21/23     "            "    "     "        "
06/04/23     "            "    "     "        "
06/25/23     "            "    "     "        "
--------  -------------  -----------------  ------  ----------------------------
Toban notes:
  1. gatorade: sixteen 1-gal bottles (orange and lemon-lime)
  2. drinking water: eight 1-gal bottles
  3. 16oz drinking cups: 100
  4. ice: one 20-lb bag
  5. snacks: optional donation by each toban dojo will be greatly appreciated.
    Suggestions include donuts, cookies, fruits, coffee.
  6. toban dojo: save all receipts; see reimbursement procedure. Also, please let the next dojo know the ending inventory.
  7. at Norwalk Dojo
    • one table from classroom #3 for refreshments; clean and return when practice is over
    • empty all trashcans (gym, changing rooms, kitchen, hallways, and outside the main entrance) to the back dumpster
    • all non-Norwalk kenshi and sensei who participate in any practice at Norwalk Dojo are required by the Center to sign a Norwalk facility waiver form

Team SCKF Announcements (most recent on top)
  • 1/3/23 "Team SCKF REQUIRED FORMS - 1st Practice this Sunday, Jan 8"

    From: Kevin Abe

    Dear Team SCKF Members and Member Parents for Minors,

    Happy New Year and congratulations for making Team SCKF! The first practice is this Sunday, 1/8 at Norwalk Dojo. Attached are the Norwalk Facility's Waiver Form along with the Team SCKF Player's Agreement and Waiver Form. Please print out all 3 forms, fill out, sign and turn them in to your respective coach BEFORE PRACTICE STARTS AT 8AM THIS SUNDAY. Also, please note all minors must have their parents'/legal guardian's signatures as well.

    Also, attached is the practice schedule which includes the facility's Covid Rules. Please read and make sure to abide by all rules. Note that masks will be required for everybody in the facility.

    One more thing, the tournament will be held in the state of Michigan and SCKF plans to take care of all team members' airplane ticket (upon approval of the board). We plan to depart on June 29 (Thu) and come back on July 3 (Mon). Please let your respective coach know ASAP if that does not work. Parents will be required to purchase their tickets on their own but I will let everybody know of the flight #'s once known. Lastly and I cannot promise anything, but please let your coach know if you have a preferred airport you want to fly out of.

    The US Championships is always a good time and memorable but now it's time to get to work!

    Kevin Tadasu Abe
    Team SCKF Manager

    Team schedule
    Player's agreement and waiver form
    Norwalk facility waiver form

Team SCKF Elimination Tournament 12/11/22
  • Team SCKF Application Form (xlsx)
    Due date:    10/22/2022, Sunday
    Tryout date: 12/11/2022, Sunday
    Place: El Rancho High School, Salcido Auxiliary Gym
    (at Loch Alene Ave and Homebrook St, see map pushpin)

  • announcements (most recent on top)

    • 12/9/22

      Dojo Reps,

      Please forward this message to anybody coming to the Team SCKF Tryouts this Sunday (12/11) including participants, shinpans, volunteers and spectators.

      Given that LA County has officially moved into the CDC’s high COVID-19 transmission rate category, we will be requiring masks for anybody inside the facility.

      Kevin Tadasu Abe

    • 12/6/22

      This coming Sunday is the Team SCKF tryouts at El Rancho High School in Pico Rivera. We would like to have all volunteers arrive when the door opens at 7am to help set up the courts as quickly as possible. We want to make sure that the kenshis that are trying out have plenty of time to warm up before we start this event.

      7-8am   court set up (all volunteers)
      8-9am   sign in, shinpan meeting, court duty meeting, and warm ups
      9am     quick Opening Ceremony
      9:30am  (or sooner) start the first match
      Break   lunch and warm up for afternoon groups
      2pm     last match
      2:15pm  Closing Ceremony
      2:45pm  cleaning (everyone) 

      Please see attached file (pdf) for rules (note: no tsubazeriai, see AJKF video).

      Thank you,
      Yuji Hosokawa

    • 9/17/22

      Dear Dojo Reps,

      Next year, SCKF will be sending our top kenshi to the 2023 AUSKF Championships. Attached is the Team SCKF Application Form. The cost is $25 per applicant. Please fill out ALL fields for interested participants including AUSKF ID and email address. Minors will need to provide one of their parent's email address along with their name. Also at the bottom of the form, fill out the number of bentos your dojo would like to order. The total amount owed will be calculated for you. Please send a check postmarked by 10/22/22 to:

      Southern California Kendo Federation
      117 E. Victoria Ave
      Montebello, CA 90640

      In addition, upload this completed file to the Google Drive/to_sckf folder just like the membership file and send me a notification email. Do not email the file for security reasons (birthdates are included). Please make sure to let anybody that might be interested know and submit this file by 10/22/22. LATE APPS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

      Also, please inform and show each applicant the attached Team SCKF Player's Agreement and Waiver Form and the Tentative Schedule. All applicants selected for Team SCKF will be required to sign both of these forms and turn them in before the start of the first official Team SCKF practice scheduled to be on January 8, 2023.

      Finally, please encourage your senseis to participate as shinpans and others as volunteers. Bentos will be free for all shinpans and volunteers. There will probably be at least 20 senseis that will not do shinpan since they will either be participating or will be coaches, and we would like to make this tryout as fair as we definitely need the support of some high level shinpans! Also, we always need as many volunteers we can get!

      GO TEAM SCKF!!!

      Kevin Tadasu Abe
      Team SCKF Manager

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