Southern California
Kendo Federation


Yutaka Kubota Memorial Kendo Tournament
sponsored by Kubota Nikkei Mortuary
Sunday 1/22/23, 9am
West Torrance High School, Torrance

The Kubota Memorial Tournament is held every three years to honor the memory of Kubota Yutaka sensei.

tournament information
  • Mask will be required for everyone at this event. See application file for COVID protocols.
  • Divisions:
    Jr Youth Kyu (10 and under)
    Youth Kyu (11-13)
    Sr Youth Kyu (14-17)
    Adult Kyu (18 and older)
    Women's (14 and older, all ranks)
    1 - 3 dan
    4 and above
    Senior (50 and older)
    You may only enter one division
  • Tournament Regulations:
    AJKF Provisional rules on tsubazeriai shall apply to all divisions (see AJKF video)
    Kyu: 3 minutes, 2 minute extension, Hantei (except semifinal & final)
    Dan: 4 minutes, 2 minute extension, Hantei (except semifinal & final)
    Jodan, nito, tsuki are not valid in the kyu divisions (see SCKF tournament rules and regulations)
  • Tournament Fees:
    Youth kyu (17 and under) $15
    Adult kyu and yudansha $20
    Bento $10

Special note to SCKF dojo: we will be inviting NCKF, CCKF, WKF, and SCKO, so we will most likely be using six courts. We will need a lot of shinpan and EVERY DOJO help with court duties. This will include dojo not planning to send out competitors to this tournament. Also see 2023 toban schedule.

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