Southern California
Kendo Federation


FIK America Zone Referee Seminar
Sat-Sun 2/25-26/23
Inglewood CA

Brief summary of the information sent out:

  • Date: Sat 2/25 and Sun 2/26
      08:00-09:00  Sign in, pay fee
      09:00-16:00  Referee Seminar 
      16:00-17:00  Goodwill Keiko 
      19:00-21:00  Reception 
      09:00-12:00  Referee Seminar 
  • Place: Inglewood High School, 231 S Grevillea Ave, Inglewood CA 90301
  • Eligibility: 5dan and higher
  • Fees
    • $60 seminar fee (pay cash Fri at hotel 16:00-19:00 or Sat 08:00-09:00)
      note: SCKF BoD voted to reimburse this fee, but you still need to pay cash when signing in at the seminar
    • optional: Sat lunch $17, Sat reception $60 (Sea Empress Restaurant 19:00-21:00)
  • Online registration including face photo, deadline 2/7 6pm PST
  • Masks are mandatory, see other COVID rules below
  • Wear shinpan uniform
  • Bring
    • Referee flag (Red and white)
    • Shinpan regulation book
    • Kendogu, shield optional
    • Shinai
  • For full, definitive details see information packet (English, Japanese) as well as announcements below.
Guest instructors were Kasamura Koji sensei, Tsukamoto Hiroyuki sensei, and Kanzaki Hiroshi sensei.

SCKF attendees, alphabetical by rank

Abe Kevin
Arima Kazuharu
Harada Brandon
Huh Kevin
Yang Daniel
Yuge Tim
Kodama Jean
Nagatani Naoki
Segawa Minoru
Shikai Yuriko
Zau Susan
Zembayashi Takaya
Dong Allyson
Honda Judy
Liu Kay
Nagatani Terima
Shinada Asaki
Sunwoo Eric
Valh James 

Announcements (most recent on top)
  • 2/17/23

    To all participants

    Thank you for participating FIK referee seminar. The total of 80 participants will join the 2023 America zone referee seminar.


    USA    62
    Canada 11
    Brazil  3
    Hawaii  2
    Mexico  1
    Chile   1
    8Dan    1
    7Dan   31
    6Dan   30
    5Dan   18 

    Seminar details

    1. Shuttle from LAX to hotel Hotel shuttle runs every 20-30- min, Van service displays 2 hotel names Sonesta & Sheraton gateway. You will need to get escalator up to departure level and find red sign " Hotel shuttle"
    2. Bus from the hotel to the gym (seminar) The bus will be at the hotel entrance at 7:45am and leave at 8:00 am on-time on Saturday and Sunday. The bus will not return to the hotel on Sunday after the seminar.
    3. Reception party will be from 19:00 to 21:00 (Restaurant closed at 21:00) Those who paid for the transportation, the bus will leave hotel at 18:30pm.
    4. All the participants need to wear a mask during the seminar. AUSKF will prepare the hand sanitizer at several locations within the gym. Shield is recommended but not mandatory.
    5. You will receive the name and title tag holder after registration. Please hang it on your neck all the time during the seminar, party, even during the transportation. The tag has the marks if you paid for Bento, Party, and Party transportation and it works like a ticket.
    6. Please do not forget to bring your formal referee wear.
    7. Please prepare the cash for payment of registration and other fees.
    8. If you park your car at the Sonesta hotel, it will be charged at the check in counter $50 per day.

    Thank you. See you at the seminar !

    FIK referee seminar coordinators
    Hayato Okawa
    Kenneth Song

  • 2/8/23

    To all the FIK seminar participants

    FIK and AUSKF are requesting that all the referee wear the formal Referee (Shinpan) suit during the seminar and this is for assessor to check your footwork.

    This is mandatory for 7 Dan sensei. For 5-6 Dan sensei , if you don't have referee suit and not able to prepare it before the seminar, you can wear the DOGI and HAKAMA.


    1. Referee suit
    2. Referee flag (Red and white)
    3. Kendo gu, Mask (Shield if you need)
    4. Shinai
    5. Shinpan regulation book

    Thank you

    Hayato Okawa
    Kenneth Song

  • 2/4/23

    Dear President of the FIK affiliated countries in American Zone,

    This is a friendly reminder.
    The deadline for the FIK America zone seminar registration is approaching. February 7th 6:oo PM (PST) is the last day & time that you can register and we are not able to accept any registration after that.

    Link to registration form

    Thank you

    FIK seminar committee

  • 1/31/23

    Dear all the FIK seminar participants

    Today, FIK requested your face photo for the referee assessment. Please upload and send your face photo using this link.

    Thank you

    FIK America zone referee seminar coordinator
    Hayato Okawa
    Kenneth Song

  • 1/25/23

    Dear President of the FIK affiliated countries in American Zone,

    This is additional information regarding Covid rule and regulation during the seminar from FIK

    1. Are masks mandatory during the seminar? YES

    2. Is Men shield mandatory inside the men during keiko/shiai? They said, YES. All the participants need to wear masks during Keiko. Also players (Shiaisha) need to wear the mask at least and recommend a shield if they can.

    3. Will the matches follow Provisional Shiai and Shinpan Rules in Place Until the COVID-19 Pandemic is Brought Under Control? YES. All the rules and regulations (under Covid, Hansoku, shiai regulation and more) will be instructed at the seminar.

    Additional information from FIK :

    1. All the participants will not be able to hand the gift to sensei to avoid the COVID spread. If someone wants to give the gift to sensei, please put it on the gift table at the gym, restaurant and hotel.

    2. At the welcome party, the Instructors and officers table will be separated to avoid the Covid spread.

    3. At the hotel breakfast, please avoid greeting with a big voice. Please also do not sit down at the same table or sit close to the sensei.

    Thank you for your understanding

    AUSKF FIK seminar coordinator
    Hayato Okawa
    Kenneth Song

  • 1/20/23

    AUSKF FIK seminar committee is looking for 2 Dan and up Local SHIAI-SHA (players) at the referee seminar on Feb 25 (all day) and 26 (half-day). It will be a great opportunity for them to have SHIAI experience with Japanese and Korean top level kendo players and at the same time learn about the up-to-date international Kendo shiai rules and regulations. We are looking for around 10 players. If we have more than 10 applicants, we have to choose players depending on their kendo rank and experience. We will inform you if members are able to participate or not by Feb 20th.

    Please share the registration form link to your dojo members.

    AUSKF FIK seminar coordinator
    Hayato Okawa
    Kenneth Song

  • 1/17/23

    Dear presidents of AUSKF member federations,

    Please distribute.

    Attached is the information regarding the FIK shinpan seminar. They secured the venue, hotel, etc. Please see the detail on registration process.

    Thank you,
    Michio Kajitani

    Shinobu Maeda
    President, AUSKF

    Attachments: English (hotel fee corrected 1/18), Japanese

  • 1/14/23

    SCKF discussion of FIK referee seminar volunteer needs:

    All federations are contributing. Our roles for three days are summarized below. Volunteers ideally should be adults. The support the SCKF is being asked to provide includes:

    • Friday February 24th: 2 people to help with registration from 4pm to 7pm at the Sonesta LAX, 5985 Century Blvd (registration check and cash collection)
    • Saturday 25th: 2 people to help with registration from 8am to 9m at the gym, Inglewood High School, 231 South Grevellia Blvd Inglewood
    • Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th: at 11am, 1 person/car to help pick up bento from Ojiya, 21008 Hawthorne Blvd.

    Looking to have assigned names by January 31st so I can let the AUSKF know. If interested, e-mail me. Thanks to everyone for this consideration.

    Tom Tew

  • 1/10/23

    To regional federation presidents and members

    This is a hotel reservation link
    Code: FIK seminar group1

    Thank you
    Hayato Okawa
    Kenneth Song

  • 1/8/23

    Dear all presidents and members.

    We are still waiting for the "official" invitation from FIK. They will send it to us soon with a registration form but in a meantime, I would like to share the seminar information so that you can make a travel arrangement ahead of time. Again this is NOT the official invitation and there might be a slight changes, like party/seminar start time, but not a big schedule change.

    1. Date: February 25th & 26th, 2023 (Saturday and Sunday)

    2. Host Organization: All United State Kendo Federation (AUSKF)
      Contact Person: Kenneth Song Email:
      Hayato Okawa Email:

    3. Place (Venue): Inglewood high school
      231 S Grevillea Avenue, Inglewood, California 90301
      The hotel is located 2.8 miles from the venue.
      Transportation will be provided 25th &26th Seminar

    4. Accommodation: Sonesta Los Angeles Airport LAX. $124 + tax/per night
      5985 West Century Blvd, Los Angeles, California, USA. 1(310)-642-7500
      Reservation Code: "FIK seminar"
      if you need the continental breakfast, $30+tax
      The shuttle runs 24/7, every 20 to 30 minutes at LAX departure level.

    5. Schedule outline:
      • February 24th Fri
        Registration fee payment at the hotel Lobby 16:00-19:00
      • February 25th Sat
        Registration fee payment at the gym entrance 8:00-9:00
        Referee seminar 9:00- 16:00 (7:50 am bus run back & forth)
        Goodwill Keiko 16:00-16:45
        Welcome Party 19:00 -21:00 (Transportation provided by SCKO and there are charges of $10/person. The bus leaves hotel at !8:30PM)
      • February 26th Sun
        Referee seminar 9:00 -12:00 (1st shuttle bus leave hotel at 7:50 am)
        Goodwill Keiko 13:00-14:00

    6. Participants expected:
      • Participants should be members of the FIK affiliated organizations principle.
      • Participants should be Kendo 5 Dan or higher Dan holders and should practice Kendo regularly.
      • No age limit to participate.
      • It is desirable that 5 or more participants from each FIK affiliated organization attend.
      • Candidates for the referee of 18th WKC are strongly encouraged to participate.
      • Please do not absent from this seminar except for an unavoidable reason.
      • No one can participate in the seminar unless registered officially in advance
      • Please wear Kendo-gi, Hakama and Tare during the seminar

    7. Expense:
      • Seminar fee $60.00 USD (Cash) per person will be collected at the HQ hotel.
      • The participants shall bear own expense for traveling, transportation, accommodation, and meals

    8. Bento: A lunch box provided to all participants on Saturday, February 25th for $17 USD.

    9. Welcome Banquet: Saturday February 25th 19:00-21:00 at Sea Empress Restaurant
      • Transportation will be provided ($10 p/p) hotel to restaurant
      • The welcome banquet fee is $60.00 USD (Tax & tips included) Cash bar (pay on the spot)

    10. Payment: AUSKF collect the payment in cash for the seminar, welcome banquet, and the Bento at the HQ hotel reception desk on February 24th (16:00-19:00) and at the gym on February 25th 8:00-9:00

    11. Seminar online registration: Registration form will be sent by FIK soon

    12. Registration due date: February 7th 6:00 pm (PST)


    1. Three instructors from the international kendo federation /FIK will conduct the seminar.

    2. Translator (between Japanese and English) will be available during the seminar.

    3. FIK plans to send out high level competitors for simulated matches at the seminar from Japan and Korea.

    FIK Referee seminar coordinator in USA
    Hayato Okawa
    Kenneth Song

    P.S. Please note that this event can be canceled by FIK with short notice due to changes in Covid-19 pandemic situation in the USA and/or in Japan. Please make your travel arrangements so you can cancel your own trip with minimum of no financial loss for yourselves. AUSKF nor FIK will not be able to take any responsibility for your financial loss caused by such cancellation.

  • 12/19/22

    Dear AUSKF regional kendo federation presidents

    AUSKF would like to announce that a FIK referee seminar will be held in Los Angeles on Feb 25th-26th (Sat & Sun) , 2/24 (Fri) will be the only registration at the hotel.
    3 instructors, 2 FIK officers and 8 players will be visiting.
    The invitation and registration ( Location , hotel , venue and all the information) form will be sent to your federation by FIK soon.

    Thank you

    FIK Referee seminar coordinator
    Kenneth Song
    Hayato Okawa

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