Southern California
Kendo Federation


2023 North-South Tournament
Sunday, 3/19/23
San Jose, CA

  • Location: Leigh High School
    5210 Leigh Ave, San Jose CA 95124
    Sign-In 8:00 AM - 8:30 AM

  • COVID rules
    • Masks will be required for all participants, shinpan and guests inside the gym. Masks may be temporarily taken off when consuming water.
    • AJKF provisional rules on tsubazeriai shall apply to all divisions (see AJKF video)

  • Application form (google spreadsheet)
    • no entry fee for competitors, so please consider a donation at the tournament
    • bento
      - free for competitors and shinpan
      - $16 for other guests
    • make check payable to Northern California Kendo Federation. Send with a hardcopy of the form to:
      Matsu Budogu, PO Box 892, Monterey Park CA 91754
    • deadline: 2/24/23

  • Brackets:
    Individual divisions
      Youth: 10 yrs and Under
             11-13 yrs
             14-17 yrs
      Adult Kyu: 18 yrs and Over
      Women: 14 yrs and Over (Any rank)
      Yudansha: 1-2 Dan
             3-4 Dan
             5 Dan and Above
      Seniors: 50 yrs and Over (Yudansha)
      Note: All kenshi can only participate in ONE individual division
      Time Limit:					
        Kyu: 3 min, 2 min extension, hantei (except semi-final/final)
        Women 14 & Over: 4 min, 2 min extension, hantei (except semi-final/final)
        Yudansha: 4 min, 2 min extension, hantei (except semi-final/final)
    Team Matches: 
      Youth Team (7 members, Non Yudansha)
      Yudansha Team (7 members, Any rank)
      Women Team (5 members, Any rank)
      Kodansha Team (5 members, 6 Dan Up and 45 yrs+)
      Note: Team members will be selected the day of the tournament

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