Southern California
Kendo Federation


2023 Nikkei Games Budo Tournament (Kendo)
Sunday, 8/6/23
Cal State Long Beach

  • application packet (pdf)
    • deadline 7/22/23
    • sign in 8-8:45am

  • location: CSULB Pyramid
    1250 Bellflower Blvd, Long Beach
    (see pushpin)

  • fees
    • tournament fee: $30, all divisions
    • no bento orders for competitors and spectators. However, food vendors will be open and operating inside the Pyramid.

  • admission notes
    • admission to the event is free for everyone, however there is a parking fee.
      Park in the metered areas (meter machines accept cash and credit cards). For safety reasons, do not park in the parking structure.
    • competitors and volunteers receive a Nikkei Games t-shirt; volunteers also receive a wristband
    • volunteers are needed for court duties, front desk, and other Nikkei Games duties

  • tournament results

  • tournament divisions
    • individual divisions (only one division may be entered)
      • adult kyu
      • yudansha divisions
        • women's (1dan and up, 15 and older)
        • 1 dan
        • 2 dan
        • 3 dan
        • 4 dan and above

  • tournament regulations
    • all divisions: 4 minutes, 3-min encho, hantei (except semifinals and finals)
    • adult kyu: no jodan, nito, or tsuki
    • COVID rules
      • AJKF tsubazeriai provisional rules will be in effect, see AJKF video
      • masks and shields are optional

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