Southern California
Kendo Federation


AUSKF Board Meeting and Kodansha Shinsa
Sat-Sun, 11/11-12/23, Torrance

  • AUSKF Board meeting, Sat-Sun
  • Gym location:
    • West High School
      20401 Victor St, Torrance CA 90503
    • Saturday Goodwill Practice with BoD members
      • gym opens at 5pm and closes at 7pm
      • warm up on your own
      • 5:15pm: line up. Greeting. Introduction of board members.
      • 5:30-6:30pm practice
      • Whistle will blow every 2 minutes for changing partners
    • Sunday Shinsa
      • registration 11:45am - 12:45pm
      • shinsa 1pm - 4pm
      • see AUSKF shinsa packet for information
      • SCKF participants see detailed instructions below

  • AUSKF kodansha shinsa, Sunday
    • steps for SCKF applicants
      1. obtain SCKF approval to test
        1. 5-7dan applicants
        2. shogo (renshi or kyoshi) applicants
          • fill out the SCKF shogo application form (with the assistance of your dojo head instructor and kendo advisors)
          • email the completed form to Jean Kodama by Mon 10/16/23
            (the deadline is earlier to accommodate any iteration or improvements that may be required)
        3. SCKF will then handle:
          • approval by Shinsa Advisory Board (do NOT contact them yourself)
          • signature by SCKF president (the signed form will be emailed back to you)
      2. apply to and pay AUSKF to participate in the shinsa
        • see AUSKF shinsa packet for instructions on applying (this will include submitting the signed approval obtained in step 1.c above) as well as shinsa details and COVID protocols, eg masks. Sign up is online, see link to online application form
        • AUSKF's shinsa application deadline is Fri 10/27

    • congratulations to the following SCKF sensei for passing their exams!
      • 5dan: Mizobe Kenichiro (STYO)
      • 6dan: Van Zutphen Cornelius (CM)
      • 6dan: Chang Scott (COV)
      • 6dan: Kobayashi Kazunori (CM)
      • renshi: Segawa Minoru (CM)
      • renshi: Kikunaga Henry (SD)
      • renshi: Zau Susan (SD)
      • kyoshi: Anderson Emi (STYO)

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