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SCKF reimbursement request notes
  • Use the SCKF reimbursement request form (xls)
  • Instructions:
    1. Complete all sections including all dates, address, reimbursement type and signature. Reimbursement types include:
      • SCKF tournament (specify which tournament)
      • Team SCKF
      • SCKF shinsa
      • SCKF seminar (specify which seminar)
      • Other (specify)
    2. Scan completed form along with receipts for each purchase and save as a PDF file.
    3. If you are an SCKF board member with access to the SCKF google drive folders
      • Upload the PDF file to the "reimbursements" folder.
      • Suggested file name: year, month day, payee, description
        e.g. "2017_0608_jsmith_nisei_week.pdf"
      • Email the treasurer to notify that file has been uploaded.
    4. If you do not have access to the SCKF google drive folders
      • Email the file to the treasurer.
    5. Email address is
    6. Notes:
      • A request without itemized receipts will not be approved.
      • Requests must be made within 3 months after the event takes place.
      • Valid expenses will be reimbursed within 1 month after reimbursement request receipt date.

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