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Equipment and Apparel

Japanese English
bougu kendo armor consisting of men, kote, dou, and tare
bokutou wooden sword, primarily used for kendo kata
bokken same as bokutou
dou kendo armor to protect the trunk and chest
hachimaki thin cotton towel worn on the head under the men
hakama kendo clothing worn on the lower part of the body, a long divided skirt-like trousers
kendou gi kendo clothing, including keiko gi and hakama
keiko gi kendo clothing worn on the upper part of the body
kote kendo armor used to proect the hand and forearm
men kendo armor to protect the face, head, and shoulders
shinai bamboo sword used in kendo
tare kendo armor to protect the waist, groin, and upper legs
tenugui same as hachimaki
tsuba circular guard on the shinai

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