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Commands and Phrases Used During Shiai

dou ari awarding of the dou point
enchou match extension
hajime command to begin
hansoku ikkai first hansoku (foul)
hansoku nikai, ippon ari second hansoku, one point (awarded to the opponent of the offending player)
hantei command for the referees to decide the winner ofa the match
hikiwake draw (announces the end of the match)
kote ari awarding of the kote point
men ari awarding of the men point
nihon me "Second point" (continues sanbon shoubu after one player has scored the first point of the match)
shoubu "Match" (continues sanbon shoubu after each player has one point)
shoubu ari "Match point" (announces the end of the match)
tsuki ari awarding of the tsuki point
wakare command meaning "separate" (time continues running, players separate centered at the referee's flags)
yame command to stop (players return to the center of the match area)

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