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Email Announcements

The "SCKF Announcements" group has been set up on Yahoo. This is used to keep subscribers up to date on what's happening in the Southern California kendo community.

You may subscribe for email-only access, website-only access (via the Yahoo! Groups site), or both.

  • To subscribe for email notices, send email to
  • To unsubscribe, send email to
  • If you change email addresses, please unsubscribe using your old account, then resubscribe using your new one.

  • The SCKF announcements page gives you access to past messages, a graphical calendar, and other features. To sign up for website access, follow the directions below after pressing the "join now" button (note: you may want to print out this page first, or save it in a separate window)

    • If you already have a Yahoo ID and you are not yet subscribed to the SCKF announcements group:
      • sign in
      • verify the information on the page, probably no modifications will be required
      • select how you want to receive email messages ("individual" means one by one as they are sent, "daily digest" means combine emails into one sent at the end of the day, "no email" means you'll look at the message archives on the website)
      • click "join"
    • If you already have a Yahoo ID and you are already subscribed to the SCKF announcements group:
      • go to the SCKF announcements page, click on "activate your membership", then walk through the activation process (you can probably just hit "continue" on each page unless you want to change anything).
      • once the activation process is complete you may go back to the SCKF announcements page to browse messages, change how you want to receive email messages (click "edit my membership" at the upper right), or whatever.
    • If you do not already have a Yahoo ID:
      • click "sign up now" under "New to Yahoo" (left side of screen)
      • select an ID (if it's already in use you'll be asked to try a different ID)
      • select a password, re-enter it to verify
      • complete the security questions (used if you later forget your ID or password)
      • complete personal information (required)
      • if you wish to receive notices at an existing email address, enter it in the "alternate email" box. If you wish to start a new email account, leave the "alternate email" box blank, then after you submit the form another form will come up giving you the option to activate a new Yahoo! Mail account.
      • it is not required to check the promotional messages box or the personal interest boxes
      • enter the displayed word in the verification box
      • click "submit this form"
      • if you entered an alternate email address, yahoo will send you a confirmation email to which you must reply before your new Yahoo ID registration is complete. Note: sometimes it can take several hours to receive this email.
      • go back to one of the previous "If you already have a Yahoo ID" steps to continue

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