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Welcome to my astrophotography web site. I specialize in wide-field photographs of the night sky, but occasionally stray away from traditional photos of the stars to related photographic subjects such as aurora, unusual weather, astronomy-related books, or even meteorites.


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I welcome direct contact from you via the email address below. You can also follow me and direct comments/questions to me on my Wordpress blog (


Product Reviews, Recommendations, and Links

All product reviews, recommendations, and links to commercial products are limited to what I have personally used and (usually) still own, except where noted. Links to manufacturers and resellers are provided for your convenience in getting more details and reviews from other users, though many items I use may be obsolete since the market moves on rapidly. This information may still be useful, however, if you purchase from the used equipment market. In the case of links to products via Amazon, a purchase will support this site without any additional expense to the purchase, but generally the manufacturer links are unsolicited and do not benefit me.


Photo Use Policy

The photos on this site have been processed for aesthetics and should not be used for quantitative scientific purposes such as astrometric or photometric measurements, but may be used in scientific publications as "cover" art.

All photos here are copyrighted, but permission to use individual photos is granted to individuals or non-profit organizations (e.g. astronomy clubs) for use in web pages, blogs, or newsletters, providing I am contacted first, and acknowledgement, including a link to this site, is published along with the photo.

Commercial publishers (books, magazines, newspapers) should contact me directly using the email address below before using any photos. Standard commercial rates will apply.

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