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Deadline reminders:
-- 07/31/19 Membership deadline for SCKF fall shinsa
-- 09/06/19 Team USA Gasshuku application deadline (9/7-9 Torrance)
-- 09/13/19 SCKF Team Championships application deadline (extended)
-- 09/14/19 PNKF iaido seminar application deadline (9/27-29 Bellevue, see 7/29 email)
-- 09/21/19 Team SCKF eliminations application deadline
-- 09/23/19 SCKO indiv championships deadline (10/6; see 9/11 email)
-- 09/27/19 NCKF iaido seminar deadline (10/12-13; see 9/1 email)
-- 09/30/19 San Diego shido geiko sign up deadline
-- 10/06/19 SCKF Fall Shinsa application deadline
-- 10/13/19 SCKF Iaido Shinsa application deadline
-- 12/31/19 Membership deadline for SCKF spring shinsa

News and Upcoming Events

SCKF Board of Directors Meeting and Godo Geiko
next meeting: 9/14/19, Chuo Dojo

SCKF Shido-Geiko
next practice: Sun 9/15/19, Walnut (toban STYO)

Team SCKF training
next practice: 9/22/19, Norwalk

SCKF Team Championships
9/29/19, Wilson Park

SCKF Fall Shinsa
10/20/19, Wilson Park

SCKF Iaido Shinsa
10/27/19, Whittier

Team SCKF Eliminations
11/17/19, location tbd

Kubota Memorial Tournament
1/19/20, Wilson Park

SCKF Shinpan Seminar
2/23/20, location tbd

North-South Tournament
3/15/20, tentative

AUSKF Junior Open (hosted by SCKF)
4/4/20, location tbd

SCKF Spring Shinsa
4/18/20, location tbd

Nisei Week Tournament
5/3/20, location tbd

SCKF Individual Championships
6/21/20, Wilson Park

SCKF Kata Seminar
7/12/20, location tbd

Nikkei Games

SCKF Team Championships
9/27/20 (tentative)

SCKF Fall Shinsa
10/18/20, location tbd

SCKF Iaido Shinsa
10/25/20 (tentative)

Recent Events

All California Taikai
9/1/19, Fresno

Nikkei Games
8/4/19, CSULB Pyramid

SCKF Kata Seminar
7/14/19, El Rancho High School
Sign up online by 6/21; no walk-ins

SCKF Individual Championships
6/30/19, Wilson Park

Nisei Week Tournament
5/5/19, Alhambra

SCKF Spring Shinsa
4/20/19, El Rancho High School

AUSKF Board Meeting and Kodansha Shinsa
4/13-14/19, Seattle WA

AUSKF Junior Open
4/6/19, Georgia

North-South Tournament
3/17/19, Santa Clara

2019 Federation Membership
AUSKF and SCKF annual membership fees due by 3/15/19

SCKF Shinpan Seminar
2/24/19, Wilson Park

Steveston Tournament
2/23/19, Richmond BC

Kanto Gakuin Visit
2/16/19, Silverado Park, 8am-4pm

FIK shinpan seminar
1/26-27/19, Dallas

SCKF Open Memorial Tournament
1/20/19, Wilson Park

SCKF New Year's Party
1/13/19, Alhambra

Happy Holidays!
see keiko schedule

AUSKF Board Meeting and Kodansha Shinsa
11/10-11/18, Dallas

SCKF Iaido Shinsa
11/4/18, OCB Dojo

SCKF Fall Shinsa
10/21/18, Wilson Park

SCKF Team Championships
9/30/18, Wilson Park

17th World Kendo Championships
9/14-16/18, Incheon Korea


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